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Mike Robinson

Information Technology Professional

Tampa, Florida

Work History

  • 2019


    DevOps Engineer / Automation Engineer

    (January 2019 - Present) | Tampa, Florida

    Write Python Scripts and Ansible Playbooks.

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • S3, EC2, ECS, ECR, ELB (Elastic Load Balancers), CodeCommit, Route 53
    • Ansible
      • Write and maintain playbooks to perform advanced tasks
    • Docker
      • Use Docker to perform integration and regression testing of new Python scripts and Ansible Playbooks
      • Use Amazon ECS to perform Docker tasks
    • Python
      • Write and maintain scripts in python to perform various complex tasks such as database import, scheduled file transfers, conversion of data, verification of data
    • Advanced Scheduling
      • Jenkins, Skybot, Rundeck

  • 2018

    Analog Devices (Carlton National)

    DevOps Engineer / Senior Linux Administrator

    (May 2018 - December 2018) | Tampa, Florida

    Built cloud enviroments.

    • OpenStack
      • Built and documented Ansible playbooks and Puppet modules for deployment of custom OpenStack environments (CentOS and Ubuntu) for use as back-end environment for product
    • vmWare
      • Provided support for legacy vmWare environment
    • Docker
      • Built docker-compose scripts to deploy custom Docker containers
    • Ansible Tower (AWX)
      • Wrote custom playbooks for automated deployment of VMs to OpenStack environment
    • DevOps Tools
      • Used Atlassian suite of DevOps tools for source versioning, documentation, and task tracking. BitBucket (git repository), Jira (task tracking), and Confluence (documentation)
      • Wrote custom Vagrantfiles for rapid testing of deployment scripts
      • Built custom VMs using Packer and Terraform
    • Monitoring
      • Built and maintained centralized syslog server using SysLog-NG, ElastiSearch and Kibana
      • Built and maintained Zabbix server using Grafana for reporting

  • 2003

    Marietta College

    Internet Manager / UNIX Administrator

    (July 2003 - October 2017) | Marietta, Ohio

    Installed, maintained, and administered all UNIX/Linux, VMware based servers on campus. Managed Data Center Operations (Networking, Power, HVAC, etc).

    • E-Mail
      • Migrated Mail/Web server from Dec UNIX to Solaris within 3 months of hire
      • Migrated email system from single UNIX server to Zimbra Collaboration Suite in Summer 2009
      • Assisted in migration to Office 365
    • Identity Management
      • Migrated OpenLDAP server and scripts to EduPerson schema
    • Programming
      • Wrote Perl and PHP code for servers including LDAP, E-Mail, Account creation/modification, Course Management System, DataFeeds, System Monitoring, HelpDesk, Text-A-Ticket, Self-Service Guest Account Management and nightly backup
    • Portal
      • Administered UPortal portal and developed new channels
      • Assisted in migration to Microsoft SharePoint portal in 2009
    • Course Management System
      • Administered WebCT and wrote datafeeds for automated population of course data
    • Dial-Up
      • Migrated dialup authentication from Tacacs+ to Radius (FreeRadius)
    • Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
      • Coded and implemented open source Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solutions on mail server for ~3000 accounts (2004-2009)
      • Wrote custom quarantine using PHP and MySQL
      • Saved ~$16,000 per year over a similar purchased solution
    • Network Management System
      • Setup and administered Zabbix server to track outages and reduce downtime
      • Saved $20,000 per year compared to alternative
    • Networking
      • Managed Extreme Network software (NetSight, Network Access Control)
      • Served as backup for management of Switches and APs
      • Setup and administered deployment of over 250 Ubiquiti UniFi switches and APs
    • DNS
      • Managed Bind DNS and DHCP server for domain including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records
    • Streaming Media
      • Setup and administered Real Networks Helix server (2007-2014)
      • Wrote custom database and security scripts to secure copyrighted classroom content
      • Complete solution saved ~$8,000 per year over alternative solution
    • Web Conferencing
      • Implemented localized license management system for Citrix GoToMeeting using corporate API
      • Coordinated Web Conferencing and provided IT support for Board of Trustees meetings
    • Vendor Relations
      • Negotiated hardware and software purchases
      • Recommended new technologies
      • Sized hardware based on technical requirements
    • vmWare
      • Spearheaded server virtualization project
      • Reduced average cost of a server by ~$1,400
      • Implemented and maintained vmWare Infrastructure cluster including vmWare vCenter and vmWare Consolidated Backup (VCB) using IBM Blades
    • Technical Support
      • Developed and presented training and reference guide for employees on use of Zimbra Collaboration Suite
    • WebMaster
      • Served as part-time webmaster (2003-2005)
      • Served on webmaster hiring committee (2005)
    • Backup
      • Was responsible for Linux/UNIX, Windows, and VMware backup server
    • IT Security
      • Set policies, managed servers and appliances, evaluated solutions
    • Ansible
      • Setup service and managed playbooks
    • Digital Signage
      • Setup and managed BrightSign hardware
      • Created templates and HTML5 pages for rendering announcements, weather, calendar and news feeds
      • Setup and managed Concerto Digital Signage server for end-user management of slides
    • Syslog
      • Setup and managed SysLog-NG server and GrayLog server for system monitoring and NAT packet logging from PFSense
    • PFSense
      • Setup and managed PFSense server
      • Managed external firewall for campus
    • Asterisk
      • Setup and managed Asterisk server (FreePBX) and VoIP phones (GrandStream)

  • 2002

    IBM (CTG)

    Integrated Function Testing

    (March 2003 - July 2003) | Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

    Hardware Test Technician (Linux)

    • Tested integrated hardware components on IBM servers using Linux and Windows

  • 1999

    IBM (DynPro)

    E-Commerce Analyst

    (October 1999 - April 2002) | Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

    Began as an assistant to VP of contract firm and received a series of fast-track promotions to position supervising staff member, conducting database cleanup and corporate website work.

    • Technical Support: Conducted problem resolution through an internal database and product launches for ShopIBM North America
    • Programming: Created data feeds used for the IBM Global ShopIBM project
    • Followed ISO 9735 (EDIFACT) standard
    • Conducted Development work on AIX and Linux.
    • Created complex, optimized queries using SQL (DB2) for a large internal database using Shell Scripting, Java, and Perl.
    • Used limited set of commands and modules based on minimal server install
    • E-Commerce: Performed a variety of e-commerce development and deployment functions working as part of special applications team and supervised an assistant conducting site launches for GEOS
    • Database: Performed database cleanup supervising another staff member
    • Linux Administration: Provided technical assistance to webmaster of contract firm in moving corporate website from Windows NT/2000 (IIS & ASP with Microsoft SQL Server) to Linux (Apache & PHP with Microsoft SQL Server). Used knowledge of various Linux Applications to set up, configure, and administer new environment.

  • 1998

    West Virginia University Institute of Technology

    COBOL Tutor

    (Fall 1998 - Spring 1999) | Montgomery, West Virginia

    Tutored MIS students in COBOL I, II and Mainframe (JCL)

    • Helped students in understanding advanced concepts
    • Assisted students in debugging of assignments

Education History

  • 1996

    West Virginia University Institute of Technology

    Bachelor , Management Information Systems

    (1996 - 1999) | Montgomery, West Virginia

Awards & Certifications

Activities & Affiliations

  • Home Lab

    • Networking (Router, Switches, WiFi APs, Cabling)
    • Servers
    • Home Automation
    • Home Security

  • Triangle Linux Users Group

    | Raliegh, North Carolina

  • Triangle BSD Users Group

    | Raliegh, North Carolina

  • Church Volunteerism

    | Vienna, West Virginia

    • Video Production (89 th anniversary, 90 th anniversary, Arts & Crafts Fair)
    • K-12 Student Backpack Program

  • 2017

    Ely Chapman Education Foundation

    Network Design and Implementation

    | Marietta, Ohio

    • Built complete wired and wireless network to support after school K-8 program

Operating Systems

  • Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE, Debian, Arch, Ubuntu)
  • BSD (FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOS)
  • Windows
  • VMware ESX/ESXi
  • Networking (Cisco, Enterasys, Extreme Networks)


  • Email (Sendmail, Postfix, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Zimbra Collaboration Server)
  • Netfilter IPTables (Packet Forwarding, Packet Mangling, Firewall, Network Address Translation)
  • DNS (named & bind)
  • VMware (ESX, ESXi, vSphere, vCenter)
  • FreeRadius
  • NFS
  • Samba / Windows File Sharing


  • IBM PC
  • Macintosh
  • IBM / Lenovo BladeCenter H
  • SAN (IBM, NetApp, NexSAN / Imation)
  • All General Hardware Components (SAS, SATA, PCI, DRAM, Processors, etc)


  • Administration
  • Software/Hardware Installation & Configuration (VLAN Tagging, Trunking, NIC Teaming, Failover Configuration, etc)

Programming Skills

  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python

Language Skills

  • NativeEnglish
  • LimitSpanish